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Leadership Starts at Home

Having a Vision for Your Organization

As a leader, a core responsibility is establishing a vision for our organization. Having one is a key step to achieve a common goal.

Intro to Organizational Leadership

Leadership is a broad topic. I will focus on multi-echeloned organizational leadership during this blog series. Which has more challenges.

Communicating with your Teen

Deciphering the art of effective communication with teens is a lively endeavor. I can't give a map, all I can do is share my experiences.

(Teen) Empowerment Techniques

I am offering techniques my wife and I used to empower our girls and how they played out for you to consider in your situation.

Exploring Views on Leadership

I know something about leadership and have views about styles, approaches and techniques that can render value to a reader of my blogs.

Closing out the Critical Shaping Years

As this concludes my critical shaping year centric posts, I wanted to close this out with the "add-ons" I did not include previously.

What We Talk About

During my motorcycle ride home was pondering the basis for what we talk about, and if it reflects what is important to us.

My Marriage Advice (packed)

I provide my perspective on key tenants to enable a long and happy marriage. Ascertained from over 24 years of being married.

Summer Programs

I will share how our family implemented what is likely a common approach to keep children mentally engaged during the summer

First 100

Two weeks after official publication of my book and I have sold over 125 copies (direct sale and amazon).

Your Prayers and Support

I want to express my sincere appreciation for those who have supported me and my family during our journey to (self) publish my 1st book.

Family Bonds

I found myself reflecting on the state of my most important relationships, and how they affect my view on life.

Money Management

Presumably everyone has a philosophy on how to manage money, which can be defined in multiple ways, I am sharing mine for anyone to compare.

Level Up

A tactic I used when guiding my daughters was talking one or two levels ahead, so when they were in elementary I talked about middle school

Deepest Fears

One of my favorite movie quotes, from Coach Carter.

When will your child be an adult?

We as parents need to really account for the reality our child will grow into adults. And we should have a plan to influence.

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