Meet Eddie

"Parenting is a strategic, multi-decade, multi-generational endeavor"

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, encouraged and guided by my parents, I graduated from Forest Hills High School (Sidman, PA) and enrolled at the University of Georgia (UGA).  At UGA I was recognized as a distinguished honor graduate from the ROTC program and earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.  This led to my commissioning into the U.S. Army as a Chemical Officer at the age of 21.


While in the military I earned the parachutist badge (Airborne), the Bronze Star (while deployed to Iraq) and was recognized as the Department of Army Staff Officer of the Year (while working in the Pentagon).


After joining the Army, one of the most significant events in my life occurred over 25 years ago when I met my eventual wife, Vambie. Soon after marriage we began our journey as parents, causing us to adjust our lives to focus on raising two beautiful daughters.


By the time our oldest daughter was 4 we realized raising them by happenstance was not the path we would take.  Applying the knowledge and experiences from our upbringing, Vambie and I were able to come up with techniques and approaches to raise our girls intentionally. Through these techniques our daughters left the home as independent, functional adults with high self-esteem and prepared for what life has for them. 

As a result of our intentional approach, we are proud parents of one daughter who is a supervisor in a Fortune 50 company with a business degree from Howard University.  And equally as proud of our youngest who earned her master’s degree in Accounting and will work for a prominent financial firm in Michigan.

My desire to empower parents has led me to share my experiences through my published book – StartPoint: Parenting in “the White House,” host workshops and seminars as well as speak publicly.

My extensive leadership and parenting experience, as well as my master’s degree in Adult Continuing Education as well as certification as a Parent and Financial Literacy Instructor enabled me to positively impact over two hundred parent leaders.

I am an Author, an Educator and a Public Speaker.  Passionate about providing my over 20 years of reflective experiences to help other parents be empowered and enable every child to reach their full potential.  Contact me and find out how I can help you.  []