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Specializes in ...

-  developing proactive parenting techniques to teach age-appropriate child development skills

- fostering a climate of dignity, respect, and accountability to allow parents to provide for their children and maintain a healthy home environment

- advanced small and large group organizational leadership development to build teams, improve efficiency and increase performance across the workforce

- teaching life alignment to help adults of all ages identify aspirations and align actions to realize goals while appreciating the various challenges life introduces

As an Adult Educational Services provider, JED WHITE LLC specializes in assisting organizations in improving family and company health, wellness, and effectiveness. Has expertise in parent education, leadership development and life alignment literacy. Enables families and companies to achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency, quality of life, and efficiency by enhancing individual and group practices and behaviors.


With over two decades of personal experience and demonstrated results, JED WHITE is certified and qualified to teach adults in the most challenging areas of life – leadership, family, balance, and work efficiency. Providing tailored products and services that support leaders in the community to be better!


A minority, veteran owned micro-business with education, certifications and experiences that affords agencies / organizations capabilities specific to parenting, leadership and financial literacy.

*  MS, Adult Continuing Education, Kansas State University (2006)

*  Certified Financial Education Instructor, National Financial Educators Council (2020)

*  Certified Parent Instructor, AJ Novick Group (2020) and 24/7 Dad Facilitator, National Fatherhood Initiative (2021)

*  Author, StartPoint: Parenting in “the White House” Raising Empowered Young Women Through a Father’s Eyes

Registered with Virginia State Corporation Commission

DUNS# 112863970

NIGPs: 95267. 96161, 91883, 92400, 91827, 91838

Eddie White

About Eddie Anchor

Born and raised in Western  Pennsylvania, proud graduate of the University of Georgia (UGA) and retired U.S. Army Officer.

Guided by his parents, Eddie graduated from Forest Hills High School (Sidman, PA) and later earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from UGA.  As an ROTC cadet he was recognized as a distinguished honor graduate and was commissioned into the U.S. Army as a Chemical Officer.

While in the military he was trained and certified in Operations Research Systems Analysis and Simulation Operations. He also earned the parachutist badge (Airborne), the Bronze Star (while deployed to Iraq) and was recognized as the Department of Army Staff Officer of the Year (while working in the Pentagon), ultimately retiring after 28 years as a Colonel.


One of the most significant events occurred over 25 years ago when he met his eventual wife, Vambie. Soon after marriage they began their journey as parents, where they balanced military service with raising two beautiful daughters.

As a result of their intentional approach, their daughters left the home as empowered, independent and functional young women with high self-esteem and prepared for what life has for them. Both their daughters have Masters Degrees, are excelling in their respective careers, recognize the importance of life-balance and are mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Eddie is an Author, Educator and Public Speaker.  Passionate about providing his over 20 years of reflective experiences to help others be better leaders and parents. Constantly seeking to  empower future generations and enable them to reach their full potential.  

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-   Author of a parenting book that gives insights on raising empowered young women

-   Masters in Adult Education enables tailored programs and insights to maximize learning experience specifically for adults

-   Certified Parent and Fatherhood Instructor, with over two decades of experience as a parent and leader

-   Certified Financial Literacy Instructor, able to help parents raise their children to manage money

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