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Raise Your Daughters To BE SELF-Confident young women

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I help fathers be intentional about their relationship with their daughters -
so she can reach her full potential while recognizing her self-worth.

If this is your aspiration, schedule a 1-on-1 to see if my insights can help your foresight.

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Married over 25 years with two daughters who graduated college and are successful, independent young women

Masters  Degree in Adult Education. Certified Parent and Financial Literacy Instructor


Over 27 years of organizational leadership experience

Eddie White

Author, Educator, Speaker

"As a father of younger children, I appreciated reading the insights from someone who has walked that path before me, raising two very happy, healthy, and successful young women."   

-- Mike


"Eddie taught me the value of family conversations on money and career paths, which I use now as my oldest enters college and becomes a young adult."

-- Jason

"Eddie provided a few ideas before I had to cross those bridges that encouraged me in my work to raise my two children."

-- Doc

"He definitely made me think about how I am currently running my household and jot down some tips that I have never thought about but make a lot of sense." 

-- Dominique

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Class08-21 Testimonial_Clip3

Class08-21 Testimonial_Clip3
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Class08-21 Testimonial_Clip3

Class08-21 Testimonial_Clip3

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Class08-21 Testimonial_Clip2

Class08-21 Testimonial_Clip2

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My View of the Critical Shaping Years

My View of the Critical Shaping Years

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