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Exploring Views on Leadership

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

One area that I have dabbled in for many years and in many environments is leadership. As a military officer for over 26 years, a father for around 24 years, and a husband for almost 25 years, I have been in a role of responsibility for the well-being of myself and others for a little over a quarter century. And, if I can say so, I have done fairly well both subjectively and objectively. And for those reading, please do not take the next paragraph as boasting, as I believe any one can demonstrate success or failure in life personally and professionally; learn while doing well and poorly; and then objectively and subjectively measure oneself. And being honest about what is done well or not, is a measure of maturity - at least in my mind.

I have had a successful military career - I have attained the rank that only approximately two percent of those who wear the uniform attain; have lead hundreds of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and/or Marines with respective evaluations that rate me a top-tier leader; for those who know my wife, they understand that if your wife reflects how well you are as a husband, I have performed well in that area too. Lastly, I allow for anyone to rate me as a father based on the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and financial status of my children, and their view of how I contributed to that.

Some of the above is objective, others can only be gauged subjectively; but I have been blessed to be in positions of leadership, to have embraced every instance, and fully accepted the pressure, demand and accountability that comes with it. Additionally, since I am a reflective and analytical person by nature, I routinely look back on what I did, why I did it and how the given situation played out. I try to recall my mindset, my reasoning, the variables (such as other people, their personalities, the unknowns and my maturity) that contributed to my decision, actions, opinion or attitude at the time.

I started with all of that to say -- I know something about leadership. And I have views about leadership styles, approaches and techniques that can render value to a reader of my blogs. And those insights I would like to share because there are many leaders -- on the job, in the house, in the community, in volunteer organizations and/or in the church who may read what I write. And if I can provide any of you with a few nuggets that can enhance your situation, I would welcome the opportunity.

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