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Your Past, Present, Future

Your Past caused your Present; your Present enables your Future; and your Future leads to Eternity.

This mental construct helps contextualize my state of mind within life’s continuum. It helps me put things in perspective, relative to time and living. It keeps me from dwelling on the past, but not acting like it didn’t happen or didn’t matter. It also forces me to be cognizant that what I do, or don’t do, today will profoundly impact my tomorrow. And Spiritually, this is all a pre-cursor to eternity, tied to my faith.

"Your Past caused your Present" - This is reality and will always be reality. Own your past - the good, bad, success and failures. What happened when you were 16 affected the situation you presently are in ... either explicitly or implicitly. Either you did it, or it happened, denying it doesn't change it, and it caused you to be where you are physically, if not mentally and emotionally.

"Your Present enables Your Future" - what you are doing, what you believe and how you are living your life now is primarily determining what your tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and next decade will be. Other factors will influence, but look in the mirror and assess your Present situation and decide if you like it ... because it is determining your Future.

"Your Future leads to Eternity" - all that is done on earth is to prepare you for everlasting life in heaven. Eternity is not measured in years; it is measured in your spirit. And if you believe in God, then you acknowledge that you are a spirit, who has a soul that resides in a body. How you live this earthly life builds you, strengthens you and gives opportunities to show your love, faith and character. Be encouraged, be strong and know your past, present and future has a purpose.

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