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What is the End?

A few thoughts, things to ponder and questions to reflect upon.

What do you live for? Love (to love someone and be loved) Relationships (to have deep friendships) Experiences (creation to reflect) Money/Means (ability to do what you want) Teach (to share, instruct and/or enable others) Achievement (fulfill purpose, simply to do) Happiness/Joy (inner peace, contentment) Power (control of as much as possible) Knowledge (attain information, credentials)

Why retire? To not work To enjoy your money/success (hobbies) To reflect on experiences To demonstrate success To relax after/from a life of work/sacrifice

When / how do you know if you are where you should be? My estimation/definition of the stages of life/growth:

0-9. A child, exclusively learning, growing, maturing. World defined by others, in which you are trying to grasp / make sense of for your place

10-20. A burgeoning adult. Defining life and the world by your relatively limited experiences / perspective.

21-61. Arguably the time we most live and learn. We apply what we learned as youth and experiences as adults to whatever end we believe dictates our existence ... but what is that dictate?

62-death. Presumed retirement, or living to whatever end applies. Inability to reap the investments that warrants "retirement" means you work until your life comes to its conclusion.

So, from 21-62 (~40 years), what is being sought? What are the priorities in your life? Can you achieve "retirement" status before retirement and enjoy it?

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