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Updated: May 5, 2019

My Personal Insights blog allows me to share my views based on experiences and active interpretation of what has occurred in my life over the last 40+ years. I capture these insights as they come to mind, and this blog allows me to share them.

These personal insights are founded in understanding myself (strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, flaws, fears, etc.). In addition to knowing myself, I have to recognize what I can control (which is not much), what I can influence and accept what I cannot directly affect. I have to recognize, accept and deal with each in my personal life and in my profession. In part, my desire to reconcile what is unsettled (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) enabled my success in life.

I am passionate about empowering others to own their space, be a leader as well as attain peace and joy in their life, factoring their past but not being constrained by it. We can all learn from each other, whatever can be of value to you I offer willingly; equally, your insights can make me a better person in respective facets of my life. Because of this, I welcome opportunities to meet and share experiences - as men, husbands, fathers and parents. So join my site and share in this journey!

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