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Multi-Generational Impact

The trace from strategic planning to multi-decade implementation culminates with this - the multi-generational impact.

The foundation you establish, the standard you set, the basis of reference you create as a parent will carry on, likely at least one generation, possibly multiple through your children.

We all are products of our upbringing. Anchored by our nuclear family (it's presence or absence, it's function or dysfunction) and what it taught us regarding love and life as a youth.

Others may compensate or complement what we learn from family, however, our decisions, opinion, attitude and actions primarily derive from our parents in some respect. And what we believe "normal and acceptable" often traces back to childhood.

As such, depending on when "our children have children" and what happens in their personal experience outside the home they grew up in; what they learned from us will in some form be taught. And either the legacy, or "the cycle," will carry on.

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