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Living in Your Reality

You are best served by existing/living in your reality. If you dislike your current realty, change that reality vice playing in perception. Meaning, don't trick yourself into believing your reality has changed if it has not.

Because, at some point, reality and that false perception must be reconciled. They will conflict and you will have to deal with the contradiction.

This is true individually and collectively. To achieve peace of mind and soul you need to live in your reality, and make that reality as good as possible. Individually, your reality dictates your inner confidence.  Collectively (as a family unit) confidence in parent/family decisions is in part predicated on existing in reality. This requires the members of the family to acknowledge shortcomings. If not recognized and acknowledged, it is more difficult to adress situations as they arrive.

This is true in a professional environment (small business, corporate or government), and in a family. This is the challenge of personal and professional ethics, but a challenge each of us, whatever our role or function, must deal with.

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