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Updated: Apr 25, 2019

These posts will be more focused on the book, and allows me to share my thoughts on various sections leading up to publication and expand on the stories afterwards. I will also share my parental views, which may not be explained to the same level of detail in the book, but prayerfully can assist parents who are interested.

For those who have social media, there are videos about the book on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I will keep this blog more textual, but welcome you to follow me on those platforms.

As a current military officer, venturing into the world of authorship is very different. But I am proud of my daughters, and believe what my wife and I did to raise two strong, empowered young women is a reference other parents can cite to help them navigate parenthood.

I am no different from any other father / parent, and what we did can be applied, in part, to any household. I was able to recall a lot of the "what and why," so parents of younger children can attain insights before actually "living it out." That is what this book offers, and from it you can take (or leave) whatever piece or part applies to make your parenting journey better.

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I thoroughly enjoyed StartPoint. It sparked so many creative ideas and confirmed many of the theories I held about family relationships. It is an excellent testimony to intentional parenting on multiple levels: spiritual,

financial, educational and more. I highly recommend StartPoint to parents, grandparents, youth leaders and others who value mentoring relationships.

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