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Updated: Dec 1, 2019

I use a set of factors to assess my state of living and gauge how I exist to ensure I am in balance. I offer that you similarly invest in how you determine if you are in balance, and the respective state of your mind, body and soul.

1 Mentally. What is your mindset, your outlook, your resilience and your attitude? A positive attitude is an indicator of a healthy mentality. Resilience is how well you “bounce back” from adversity, your outlook on life is a mental image. Assess your mental state to determine where you are and if it is good or bad.

2. Physically. This is straightforward but can be minimized if you under appreciate that this is a metric. Take care of your body, in the short, mid and long term. Seek professional health care when applicable, assess intermittently whether your lifestyle is conducive to healthy living. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, so use this as a metric to ensure you are preserving it.

3. Emotionally. Being able to "control" your emotions is relative but being emotionally stable and recognizing when you get emotionally invested and the ramifications when there are negative connotations are the measures of your emotional health. Similar to all of these metrics, acknowledge the area and intermittently assess where you are and whether you are comfortable with it.

4. Spiritually. Gauge your spiritual maturity. How connected are you to the Holy Spirit, what is your relationship with God, how responsive are you to the spiritual guidance you receive? If these aspects don't resonate with you, or if they are lacking, step back and figure out why. Good times or bad, a strong relationship endures - physically and spiritually.

5. Professionally. This can vary, so to start you need to set your success determinates. Is it money, promotion/position, power/responsibility, benefits, time-off, opportunities to travel? Whatever it is, re-asses if that is the best measure for you at that time of your life, and if you are achieving what you desire at the rate you want.

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