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Head of Household

On this Father’s Day, I want to share a short message about the importance of being the “head of household.”

I believe the head of household is present in the house and dictates the direction of the family from a point of physical, mental and emotional presence. The head of household is unquestionably in a leadership position. In an ideal situation, he is the leader of his house and responsible for all that happens within it. A key tenet to leading is setting the conditions, and this starts with having and expressing your philosophy. I have posted several blogs about what that means and its importance, it is the core responsibility of a father and demonstrates his presence (and investment) in the family.

Essential to any husband/father being the head of a household is the mother/wife empowering, supporting and enabling him. Simultaneously, the head of the household must own this responsibility, provide the direction and guidance so that his wife and children follow. This should be openly discussed with your wife to ensure a common understanding and allow for joint parenting.

I pray that every father accepts responsibility and invests the time and energy to perform as a husband (when applicable) and head of his household.

Happy Father's Day!!

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