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A Multi-Decade Endeavor

The need for a strategy is predicated on the fact that parenting extends beyond a few years. Depending on how you define adulthood, it is likely a couple of decades. And if something lasts that long, some level of long term planning should accompany it's execution.

The premise is that once a baby grows and begins school (pre-K or kindergarten), our parenting role changes. We are no longer (exclusively/primarily) cuddling, singing, doing baby-talk, changing diapers and rocking them to sleep. The excitement of them walking and talking comes with the pending demand to raise them to be adults vice nurture them as babies.

This is obvious in hindsight (late teen years), but seems to be a bit hazy for some parents early on (ages 5-7). This haze can preclude or delay active effort to raising our children to be adults. Despite us as parents knowing our investment over time will contribute to how prepared our children will be when they become adults.

Society will morph, the gap in interpreting the world between us as parents and them as children will grow, and what we do early will manifest later (whether good or bad). It is the reality of parent-child relations. Knowing this, how can we not put forethought into what will occur "20 years from now?"

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