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Educational Services

Utilizing Adult Education principles, we offer a variety of workshops, seminars, and consulting services.  

Life Alignment

Utilizing my Living Your Life Framework, this framework helps you contextualize the multiple aspects of living to help frame the life aspired and serve as a reference to financially set the conditions for realization over time.


Aligning your life means visualizing where you want to go and taking actions to enable realization of your goals and aspirations.  To do that, it is critical that you appreciate the various components of life -- professional, personal, financial, family, lifestyle, health and life-changes amongst them.

Leadership Development

Incorporating nearly 30 years of experience, we offer programs designed to optimize the performance of a diverse workforce, individually and collectively. First Line and multi-echeloned leader development techniques to establish and realize organizational vision. Includes effective ways to communicate that enables delivery of high-quality outputs.


Founded on instilling core tenets to increase productivity, improve leaders’ ability to develop and account for performance and enhance senior leaders’ aptitude in realizing their vision at every organizational level.

Financial Literacy

Certified Financial Literacy Instructor who provides tailorable programs designed to enable multi-generational understanding of money management. Highlighting importance of starting early and creating opportunities for children to consistently earn money so they learn practical ways to manage (spend, save, prioritize). Also how to incrementally develop in areas such as types of income, ways to spend/save/invest, prioritization as well as timing / cash flow and aggregate income.


Programs have particular focus in helping parents instill critical financial traits in their children at every age, while offering adult financial education to ensure parents are equipped and informed so they can teach children over 8-10 years. Techniques and approaches include basic and advanced money management based on literacy of the adults.

Parent Education

Parent Instructor Certified and able to help single or two-parent households develop proactive parenting techniques to develop age-appropriate child development skills from “single digits to late teenage” years. Includes assistance in such areas as couples / co-parenting communication to ensure shared goals for their children, criticality of parental roles and styles as well as recognizing unique traits of their children derived from each respective parent.


Tailorable programs that provide ways to foster a climate of dignity, respect and accountability which allows parents to provide a healthy home environment for children at all ages, but particularly from 5 to 16, including ultimately raising functional and independent young adults who can realize success in whatever they desire.


Services designed to enable organizations and families achieve the highest level of self-sufficiency and quality of life.

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