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Literacy Educational Services

Utilizing Adult Education principles, we offer "Life Alignment" and "Financial" Literacy, including raising your child to be financially literate when they become young adults.  

 Life Alignment {Click for Brochure} 

Utilizing my Living Your Life Framework, we help you contextualize the multiple aspects of living to help frame the life aspired and serve as a reference to financially set the conditions for realization over time.


Aligning your life means visualizing where you want to go and taking actions to enable realization of your goals and aspirations.  To do that, it is critical that you appreciate the various components of life -- professional, personal, financial, family, lifestyle, health and life-changes amongst them.

Financial Literacy

Certified Financial Literacy Instructor who provides tailorable programs designed to enable personal and multi-generational understanding of money management.  Offering concepts and approaches to set a foundation to realize short, mid, long and retirement goals.


For your legacy, we highlight the importance of starting early and creating opportunities for children to consistently earn money so they learn practical ways to manage (spend, save, prioritize).  Helping parents instill critical financial traits at every age, while offering adult financial education to ensure parents are equipped and informed so they can teach children over 8-10 years. 


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