Parenting in

"The White House"

Raising Empowered Young Women Through a Father's Eyes

Written by J. Edward White Jr.

Join our family's journey and share in our stories!

StartPoint is about the parental approaches my wife and I used in raising two girls to be strong, confident and empowered young women.  How we taught them to live in their truth, be genuine in private and public and have integrity.  How to be accountable, respectable and honorable as well as the elements to attain peace, joy and happiness.

StartPoint: Parenting in "the White House" chronicles our family's story and experiences. It is based on the premise that parenting is a strategic, multi-decade, multi-generational endeavor.  Bound by the sobering reality that our children's success or failure as adults is either 'because of' or 'in spite of' us as parents.

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