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Online Courses 

“Single” classes that help parents formulate philosophies and use principles for setting (and achieving) long-range goals for their family. Each class helps in the raising of mentally and emotionally mature young adult who can reach their full potential while recognizing their self-worth.


Enrolling in any “single” class includes a 1-on-1 Question & Answer session with Eddie White (class designer) --- for only $49.99


Simply click the “connect with us” button below and use subject “Online Class Request" and let us know which class you wish to take from the below list:


  • Understanding Your StartPoint -- how your upbringing affects your parenting, and what "normal" was for you and how that is impacting the "normal" for your children.


  • Head of Household -- better appreciate what it means to be the head of your household, and the attributes / actions most useful in leading your family.


  • Establishing a Vision -- understand the key parts to having a vision for your family and your children, as well as what it takes to have that vision come to fruition.


  • Critical Shaping Years -- why the ages from 6 to12 are so important, and what you can do to enable your child to excel as a young adult early on ... during these shaping years.


Once processed, you will be granted approval and have

access to the class.

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