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Leadership Starts at Home

3 x 100%

One attribute that allowed me to maintain balance and invest in my girls was energy management and my ability to compartmentalize

Does Age Matter … Yes!!

In my view, your parenting focus must adapt to the age of the child, because their development, maturity and circumstances changes over time

How Does a Father Show His Love?

One day I was talking to my wife about how we show our love to our children. It included the different ways we express ourselves

Empowerment vs Entitlement

Part of offsetting entitlement from empowerment in the workplace is understanding your role and function.

Head of Household

Head of household is present in the house and dictates the direction of the family from a physical, mental and emotional point of presence

What is the End?

What do you live for? Why retire? Just a few thoughts, things to ponder and questions to reflect upon.

Individual Stock Take

Invest in how you determine if you are in balance, and the respective state of your mind, body and soul.

Purpose, Path, Goals … and Your Plan

Your approach should enable results that contribute to furthering your plan, that aligns with your goals that allows achieving your purpose.

Life Goals: 20-10-5

Setting 20, 10 and 5 year goals technique is more about doing the mental drill than reaching the actual goals.

Your Past, Present, Future

Your past caused your present; your present enables your future; and your future leads to eternity.

Living in Your Reality

You are best served by existing/living in your reality. If you dislike your current realty, change that reality vice playing in...

Know and Do ... Yourself, Your Job

Know yourself - this is ever-changing.  Your knowledge, experience, perspective, maturity, motivations and priorities will not be...

What Do We Control (DOA2)

There is a common saying … “don’t worry about what you can’t control.” Though a common saying, I would argue it is not really followed....

Peace and Joy

Part of the value in knowing yourself is it can enable you to have peace and joy. For me, there is a requisite spiritual aspect that...


I think it is fair to say we all seek clarity on why we are the way we are or why we do what we do … whether constantly or...

Knowing Yourself

The journey we travel to know ourselves is not a sprint, but a marathon … with intermediate instances where views about ourselves are...

StartPoint Book Blog

These posts will be more focused on the book, and allows me to share my thoughts on various sections leading up to publication and expand...

Personal Insights Blog

My Personal Insights blog allows me to share my views based on experiences and active interpretation of what has occurred in my life over...

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